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The short story is that the 4G LTE device works really well in many different areas of Omaha. I live around 72nd and Center St and the device has let me browse the web wherever I’ve been. The device uses the Sprint network for 4G access and you can check out the coverage here.

With that being said, I want to offer a caveat to potential users with more details about my experiences.

In a nutshell, it’s been a relatively crappy experience because of multiple issues.

The long story is that when I tried to order the 4G LTE mobile hotspot online the website kept running into an error while processing the transaction. I tried again and still got the error and then used a different credit card with no luck.

I grudgingly called the company and was on hold for 40 minutes. Finally, the agent said he successfully processed the payment for the device.

I chose the fastest shipping option because I was leaving for a trip the following week and wanted to make sure that it arrived before I left in case there was any problems.

Unfortunately, the device took longer than the stated shipping time (note: the site doesn’t say how long the handling time is) and it arrived the day after I left.

While I was on my trip I noticed that my credit card had a duplicate charge. I was backpacking around Europe and didn’t want an extra $200 charge so I used time on my vacation to try to resolve the issue which Freedompop could not figure out. I placed a claim with my credit card company as well.

When I returned to Omaha, I was puzzled because I had two boxes from Freedompop sitting at my doorstep. At least that explained the duplicate charge.

Grrrr… I had to call up customer service and was on hold for 30 minutes to report that they had sent me two devices. The agent posted a return merchandise alert for my account and emailed me the information for returning the device to get a refund. Before returning the second device, a family friend said they were interested so I was going to let them have it and they would pay me for the device.

They didn’t end up using it so they sent it to Freedompop so I could get the refund. That happened this past week.

Here’s what I’m currently experiencing. The device arrived at the Freedompop returns center in Indiana this past Wednesday. Upon receiving the device, the company shut off all devices on my account including the one I was actually using.

I ended up having to call Freedompop another time (30 or 40 minutes waiting on hold) and I told the agent there was no internet access because apparently my device was not recognized anymore. Then I explained that it may have been because I had just turned in the second device that they sent to me incorrectly. At this point the customer service representative told me that the requested return was not marked on my account and they weren’t expecting the returned device.

To figure out why, he had to set up a ticket and turn off my account. This call occurred on Wednesday, August 13th, 2014. Today is Sunday, August 17th and I haven’t had internet access on my device and haven’t received any updates from the company. As a result, I’ve been using WiFi at coffee shops.

All in all the $200 4G LTE device works like a charm. I used the $20 for 2GB package and had no issues.

Besides that, the issues were a huge annoyance. In trying to get things sorted out I’ve been on calls with them for around 10 hours and at this point have no internet access.

I’m glad the customer service people are nice, but as a business it’s been an earthquake that caused a train wreck that derailed into a field covered in landmines.

Bottom line: you get what you pay for, unless it’s the most expensive device and then you get two of them.

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