FreedomPop Current Status 8.20.14

Where I’m at right now.

Instead of calling the billing department of FreedomPop I just went through sales and asked for help adding service to the device that was out of order.

The call was picked up within a couple of minutes and the customer service representative said he could unblock my device if I just upgraded my account from 2GB/month to another package. I chose the 4GB/month package and now I have access to my device and can use the internet again.

My suggestion is to talk with people in sales. You won’t be on hold for very long and if you buy stuff, they help you out.

As for the device I returned, I received an update saying they never received the device even though the 1 day delivery USPS tracking code said it was delivered last week. Whether I get a $200 refund for the device they erroneously sent me and charged my credit card is a mystery. I’ll let you know.

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